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 123 Write All Stored Passwords (WASP) V2.01


  • WASP will display all passwords of the currently logged in user that are stored in the Microsoft PWL file. It allows the convenient deletion of this file to improve the security / privacy of your PC. It is also very useful for educational purposes about computer security. Please note that this listing will contain (only) the stored passwords of the currently logged on user (= you!). Furthermore it can of course only contain the passwords that are actually stored in the PWL file. Since the PWL file is a Microsoft invention, these are largely passwords used by Microsoft products. For example, your dial-up password(s) or passwords stored by Internet Explorer are located in this file.

  • Once the password file is analyzed ALL passwords that are found in this file are displayed in the text box in the "Overview" tab. For some PWL files this can be a rather large list. Therefore in the next three tabs, the content of the PWL files is broken down into the categories "Web only" (Passwords stored by Internet Explorer), Dial-up only (Stored dial-up passwords) and "all others" (all passwords that do not belong to IE or the dial-up category).

  • The PWL database has the main categories "resource name" and "resource password". But a program may interpret these fields as it wants so "resource name" may not be always a name and "resource password" may be not  be always a password.

  • The maximum number of entries in a PWL file is 255.

  • This SOFTWARE is copyrighted FREEWARE. Please feel free to use it, copy it,
    upload it to software archives or put it on CD-ROMs but do not change the
    files included in the package and only distribute the package as a whole,
    not only the single executable. For details please see the included
    "license.txt" file.

  • To uninstall the software, use the standard Windows add/remove functionality.

  • If you want to transfer the software to another PC, you can in most cases
    simply copy the "123wasp.exe" file. If this results in an error at program start
    some important Windows DLL's are missing on the target PC and you have to do a complete install
    using this package.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Can I delete a single entry in the PWL file ?

A: Not directly. But you can go to the application that stored this password, uncheck the "Save Password" box and exit. This should remove the password. You can use 123 WASP to check if the application really (!) removes the password from the list.

Q: Can I view another users PWL file ?

A: In principle this is possible, so be REALLY careful with your PWL files ! WASP itself allows you only to view your own (=logged in user) PWL file to discourage misuse of this software. But do not panic and read the next question:

Q: Are PWL files safe ?

A: Since Windows 95 OEM SR2 and in Windows 98 PWL files use a rather strong encryption and are safe against the casual hacker IF your windows login password is long enough (i. e. alphanumerical and more than 6 characters long) . Of course if you leave your PC unattended after your login everyone who has physical access to your PC can extract & read the passwords. But that is the same as if you leave your car door unlocked ;-)

Q: I can not delete PWL file

A: This can happen if the PWL is in use the same time you run WASP. Solution: Close any application that retrieves stored passwords e. g. an   open dial-up dialog

Q: Will you offer a similar software for Windows NT / 2000 ?

A. No. Windows NT has a completely different ( a much better ! ) security design. However, all our other security tools work very well on Windows NT. You might want to check them out.

Q: I like WASP ! Do you have other security related software ?

A: Yes, we do. iOpus  Software specializes in low-cost security & internet solutions for the Windows operating systems. You might want to take a look at the short overview below. Our software is used by individuals as well as small and mid-size corporations world-wide.


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123 Write All Stored Passwords (WASP)

Passwords: WASP displays all stored passwords of the currently logged on user that are hidden in the Microsoft PWL file. It allows the convenient supervision or deletion of this file to improve the security / privacy of your PC (for Win 95, 98, ME only). 

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iOpus Software is designed to be Windows platform independent, i.e.. it runs on Win 95, Win 98, Win ME  and Win NT/2000/XP unless stated otherwise.

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